Colin Harrison              Engineer
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Colin Harrison is a Distinguished Engineer in IBM’s corporate strategy group in Armonk, NY. He leads the development of technical strategy for IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative and was the originator of IBM’s technical approach to smart cities. He joined the IBM corporate team in 2007 to develop strategy in the area of Energy and Environment or Greentech. Prior to this he was based in the IBM Zurich Research Lab working for IBM’s Global Technology Services organization as director of a programme known as Best of Blue that aimed to bring the best of global IBM's capabilities to bear on the needs of our strategic outsourcing clients. He was a Research Staff Member and director in IBM Research during 1988 through 2003, latterly as Department Group Manager for Information & Knowledge Management at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY and IBM Research Director of Global Services Research. In that capacity he had worldwide responsibility for the partnership between IBM Research and IBM Global Services. He originally joined IBM in San Jose, California as a Materials Engineer in the advanced technology project on Magnetic Bubble Memory.

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